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“Uniting by one tongue"

We are on the brink of a whole new communication shift in the United States. The United States Census projects that by the year 2050 approximately half of the U.S. population will be Hispanic/Latino and Spanish-speaking. This language shift represents a growing need for Spanish-speaking professionals, and Foreign Five Co. is prepared to help fulfill that need. To date, our language-immersion programs have helped thousands of health care employees nationwide.

“This vast and ever-growing population of non-fluent English speakers has created an immense demand for Spanish speakers in the workplace, both as employees and as private interpreters, and nowhere has this need been felt more than in the realm of medicine. In the medical field, the ability of a doctor to communicate quickly and reliably with a patient can be the difference between life and death.”

Tufts Daily, Keith Hinton

“Patient's family members or non-medical trained people are not legally allowed to act as an interpreter, which increases the need for medical personnel to know Spanish.”

Ball State University, Shawna Tsoumas

“The demand for bilingual employees in health care mirrors that of education. In critical areas such as
hospital registration, patient screening, and diagnosis, the demand for bilingual employees continues to increase exponentially, as medical providers try to find the best way they can serve the health care needs of the growing Hispanic population.”

“Hospitals and pharmaceutical companies are experiencing some of the greatest demand for bilingual employees to better serve patients. ‘Being able to speak and understand our patients’ native language ensures proper treatment. Patients must be able to understand medical instructions and prescription dosages and physicians need to understand symptoms and circumstances related to a patient’s condition,’ noted Kathy, a nurse at a suburban hospital in Chicago.”



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